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Preseason vs Final Polls
(Or, who is overrated and who is underrated)

This section of the web site contains comparisons of preseason to final polls. For each team, the difference between preseason consensus (*) and final AP poll standing is computed by simple subtraction ("unranked" counted as 26th).

The result is either a positive number ("underrated" -- final poll standing higher than preseason prediction) or a negative number ("overrated" -- final poll standing lower than preseason prediction). The data points for individual teams/years are presented in a per-year table, or added up for all years for a single team, or added up for all teams in a given conference. Choose a link below to see the data:

(*) The Preseason Consensus only goes back to 1993; in 1992 and prior years the comparison is between the preseason Street & Smith rankings and final AP poll. The list stops at 1989 because that is the year the polls went from 20 to 25 teams.

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