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Problems with the data

These records are reasonably reliable in the modern era, but data gets fuzzier as we go back in time. Sometimes, one team will have a record of a game being played but their opponent will not; other games or game results may be disputed.

This data is patched together from a multitude of sources. These sources do not always agree. I have tried to match the NCAA's official statistics (as printed in the College Football Records Book), but have not managed to fix all discrepancies. In most cases, however, the difference is minor (a game or two) and the disputed games are very old.

Inconsistencies relative to official NCAA stats

The NCAA lists all-time won-lost records in their Official Football Records Book. My totals do not agree with theirs. The discrepancies are minor in most cases; they are probably forfeits which I haven't made adjustments for, forfeits that they don't count, or very old disputed games. I have been unable to find out which exact years are incorrect. If you have a media guide for one of the teams referenced below and would be willing to check it out against the database (click on the team names to see my records for that team), please let me know of any discrepancies you may find.

In the table below, "missing" refers to results that appear to be missing from my data. For example, if "1 win" is missing, then the NCAA Official Records Book claims that the given team's overall record has one more win than the total of all years in my own database gives. "Extra" refers to results that appear to be in my data but not the NCAA Records Book. (In the event that there are both "missing" and "extra" results, it probably indicates game results that were not recorded properly. e.g., "one missing loss" and "one extra win" for a team probably means that in one year a loss was mis-recorded as a win.)

Team Missing Extra
Arizona State 4 losses 1 tie
Arkansas 1 win, 1 tie 2 losses
Auburn 1 loss 1 win
Baylor 1 win, 2 losses  
Boston College   7 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie
Central Michigan 1 win, 2 ties 3 losses
Cincinnati 8 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties  
Clemson   1 win
Colorado State 1 win 2 losses
Duke 1 win  
East Carolina 2 losses 1 win
Eastern Michigan   7 wins, 9 losses, 1 tie
Fresno State 1 loss 1 win
Georgia Tech 1 win, 3 losses, 1 tie  
Hawaii 2 wins 1 loss
Illinois 1 win 1 loss
Indiana   1 win
Iowa State 1 win, 1 tie 1 loss
Kansas State   1 win, 1 loss
Kent   1 loss
Kentucky 2 losses  
Louisville 2 losses 2 wins
Maryland 1 loss  
Memphis 2 wins 2 losses
Miami-Florida   8 wins (?!)
Michigan State   1 win
Minnesota 4 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties  
Mississippi State   1 loss
Missouri 1 loss 1 win
Navy 1 loss 1 tie
New Mexico State 1 loss  
Northwestern 5 wins, 1 tie 3 losses
Notre Dame 1 win  
Ohio University 1 loss  
Oregon 1 loss 1 tie
Penn State   1 tie
Pittsburgh 1 win, 1 loss  
Purdue   1 tie
Rutgers 1 win, 2 losses  
SW Louisiana 5 losses, 2 ties 3 wins
San Jose State 2 wins, 1 tie 2 losses
South_Carolina 1 win  
Southern_Cal   1 loss
Southern_Miss 5 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie  
Stanford   2 wins, 4 losses
Temple 6 wins 5 losses
Texas Christian 1 loss  
Texas-El Paso 1 tie 1 loss
Texas 2 ties 1 win, 1 loss
Tulane 4 wins, 2 losses  
Tulsa 1 win 1 loss
UCLA 1 win 1 loss
Utah State 3 wins, 1 tie  
Utah 2 losses 1 win
Virginia Tech 1 loss 1 win
Wake Forest 10 ties (?!?)  
Washington 1 loss  
West Virginia 2 losses 1 tie
Western Michigan 1 loss 1 win

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