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James Howell's Database, Notes

Database content

James has entered mostly data for when teams were considered 'major' or the current equivalent of I-A. This means that the numbers that result from these queries are not necessarily the same as 'true' all-time data (because non-'major' years will not be counted).

Generally, the team(s) chosen in the first (uppermost) selection list is the team whose data file is to be searched. Non-major opponents will be found, but only in years when the searched team's file has data (i.e., that team is considered 'major' itself).

So, for example, if you choose 'Michigan State vs Michigan' in the head-to-head form, you won't see pre-1918 results because Michigan State (the team whose file is being searched) wasn't considered 'major' prior to then. If you search for 'Michigan vs Michigan State' you'll get more of the all-time series.

Site of Game

James sent me a file to use to compute 'neutral' site data, which has been put into use. This was formerly an issue, but has been fixed.
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